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November 2019! Fall is here now! Leaves are finally starting to turn and days and nights are getting cooler. soon. Jane

Equal Calories Burned ≠ Same Results

Research, sponsored by Les Mills International, shows that group fitness activities with equal durations and caloric expenditures may not have the same metabolic effects.

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Nutrition: Yes, Unhealthy Eating Is A Killer

Nearly half of all U.S. deaths from heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes in 2012 could be attributed to substandard eating habits, according to research published in JAMA.

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Mind-Body: Exercise for Addiction Recovery

Fitness activity can be a transformative way for those recovering from substance abuse to heal, rebuild their lives and find a community of healthy supporters.

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Recipe for Health: Curry Cashew Energy Balls

A mix of nut protein, healthy fats and fiber makes these great balls of energy a heart-smart snack to help power any workout or quell an afternoon hunger attack.

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Video of the Month: Romanian Deadlift to Curl

This variation on a classic movement will build total-body strength while primarily targeting the hamstrings and biceps. Be sure to generate momentum from your hips.

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