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FitNews by Jules
This fall, as we enjoy the foliage and tackle the seasons' activites let's celebrate our freedom from an unhealthy lifestyle and embrace renewed well-being. We can strive to have more energy, confidence, and overall satisfaction. I will help you make the changes you have been wanting to make for so long. Get started on your path to wellness with a complementary fitness consultation. Visit fitnessbyjules.com for the latest Fit Tips and blog posts. Explore my services and find out how I can help you energize your life through health and fitness.

Services include:

  • Individual, partner, and small group training
  • Group fitness
  • Health Education
Areas of Expertise include:
  • Post-Rehabilitation Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility Training
Serving the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region of NY.

Is Immunity the Secret to Reducing Muscle Soreness?

Anyone who has taken a break from working out knows the soreness that can occur when you return to training. Typically, that soreness isn’t nearly as severe after subsequent similar workouts.

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Eating Fish Can Help Stave Off Dementia

Eating at least one portion of fish per week helps to reduce a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia-related illnesses, concluded a team at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

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TM Helps Soldiers With PTSD

Consistent practice of transcendental meditation can help some active-duty military service members with posttraumatic stress disorder to manage symptoms and reduce or eliminate use of prescription medications.

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Recipe For Health: Kale Pesto

These days, when many chefs are sourcing locally and seasonally, and abiding by sustainable practices, they may believe they are cooking healthy meals, says Emmanuel Verstraeten, founder and CEO of SPE Certified®.

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Fitnographic: Pregnancy and Exercise Myths

It's natural for newly pregnant women to be concerned about the health and wellness of their developing babies. However, some nervous new moms believe myths over facts and subsequently miss out on many benefits of physical activity.

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Video of the Month: Low Windmill

Learn a strength-training progression that targets the abdominals, arms, hips, legs and shoulders.

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