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FitNews by Jules
This fall, as we enjoy the foliage and tackle the seasons' activites let's celebrate our freedom from an unhealthy lifestyle and embrace renewed well-being. We can strive to have more energy, confidence, and overall satisfaction. I will help you make the changes you have been wanting to make for so long. Get started on your path to wellness with a complementary fitness consultation. Visit fitnessbyjules.com for the latest Fit Tips and blog posts. Explore my services and find out how I can help you energize your life through health and fitness.

Services include:

  • Individual, partner, and small group training
  • Group fitness
  • Health Education
Areas of Expertise include:
  • Post-Rehabilitation Training
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Flexibility Training
Serving the Hudson Valley and Catskill Region of NY.

Too Much Sleep Spells Danger

We know that too little sleep has been linked with a host of potential health problems. Now, it seems, too much sleep can be problematic as well.

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Moderate Coffee Intake=Lower Mortality Risk for Certain Conditions

The comforting morning ritual of drinking coffee just became even more soothing. Drinkers of both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee saw benefits, including a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes and suicide.

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A Positive Attitude Is Good for Health

Motivating yourself and inspiring others to look on the bright side may be important contributors to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Savory Sunflower Seed Pâté in a Collard Wrap

Here’s a great vegan, gluten-free lunch idea from IDEA author and presenter Teri Gentes that packs and travels beautifully. Make a bunch on Sunday afternoon to have ready as snacks or as lunch mains during your busy week.

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Fitnographic: The Cost of Fitness

According to the Physical Activity Council’s 2016 Participation Report, engagement in sports, fitness and related activities increased in 2015, with 56% of the U.S. population aged 6 and older “participating in at least one high caloric burning activity.”

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Video of the Month: Figure 8 Walking Lunge

Abdominals, Arms, Legs, Low Back, Shoulders

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